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So i was doing some artwork and listening to my HSM playlist like i do every other time. Then i realized something. I can’t pick my absolute favorite HSM song ever. And i wanted to know if you guys had the same thinking ever. So i thought this might be a fun thing to do, if i asked all my followers cause i wanna know what you guys think and i need an excuse to share my love of HSM some more! :P

Here’s a list of all the HSM songs (minus the movie reprises, Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You and the songs in SFA). This is how it’s gonna work:
I will ask you guys what your LEAST favorite HSM song is.
Every few days i will change the list, eliminating the one people overall voted for as their LEAST favorite song.
This will continue to go on until we go through the entire playlist.

Once the list is complete i’ll compile a new photo set in the order of the songs you guys, my awesome followers and fellow Wildcats, voted on.

I’ve captioned each photo set with the names of the songs cause why not. And yes, they are all the soundtrack versions, as i thought it would be the easiest way to vote. I know this is gonna be super hard sometimes to choose so i’ll try and vote right along with you! :)

Ok Wildcats, game on! Which is your LEAST favorite High School Musical song?

generalwildcat my least favorite is walk away
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